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How Much Cologne Should I Use?

How Much Cologne Should I Use

Every man venturing into the art of cologne and scent always wonders how much they should use. The problem with this is that you haven’t considered some factors of the cologne so when you spray it you’ll be wondering where the smell is. Before buying a cologne you should look at the cologne and note down some facts about it to make sure you know how much of it you should use to maximise its potential.

What Cologne Should I use?

Many people buy cologne and spray it on themselves two to three times as many would recommend, granted this is not a terrible approach but to maximise the efficiency of your cologne you need to consider what fragrance you are going to use. 

If the cologne is strong then you might want to stick to the three sprays but if you have a light cologne or an EDT using up to six to seven could work better. Another factor is the smell, if you have a very sweet scent you’d want to stick to the general guideline of three to four sprays but if you have a sour cologne or a very dark scent you’d want to lean for the five to seven sprays so your cologne can make the masculine impression to everyone around you that you’re aiming for.

Where should I spray my cologne?

This is a topic of discussion but according to science, the most efficient places to spray your cologne are behind your ear and on the neck. This is because behind the ear and the neck are pulse points where a lot of your bodily heat accumulates which warms through the fragrance giving it more longevity.

If you want to distribute your scent even further you can spray cologne on your elbow crease or your shoulder. This is effective because if you are a taller person people shorter than you can still get a whiff of your scent and when you go in for a handshake with someone your scent will hit them giving them a scene that they’re in the presence of a hygienic and classy person.

If you would like more information about where to spray cologne, check out this article as we dive deeper into the topic.

How to maximise the use of my cologne

How to maximise the use of my cologne

There are many ways to maximise the use of your cologne, here are some of the most effective ways. Firstly, not spraying your cologne into the air and walking into it, always spray it on your body outright. Second, don’t spray too close to your body, spray your cologne from a good distance so it can atomise and land on your body effectively.

Lastly, apply some Vaseline or moisturiser to the areas where you are about to spray your cologne. Using these strategies will help your cologne stay on for longer leaving you smelling better and feeling more confident as you rack up the compliments. 

In conclusion, the question of How much cologne should I use is not just one that you can simply answer. You must analyse your cologne and take in some factors like the strength and then apply strategies such as where you’ll spray your cologne, how you’ll spray it and if you’ll be using products like Vaseline or Moisturiser.

When you have answers to these questions then it’s time to spray your cologne and walk out into the world smelling like a new man, watching the compliments stack up and seeing how your life will change positively.

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