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Scent For Success

About Us

Founded in 2023, Scent for Success is the only cologne subscription business in Australia targeted for men. Our goal is to provide men with high end scents to make them smell sophisticated, professional and successful.

Founder of Scent for Success, Matthew Burkitt, first came up with the idea when he was only 15 years old. He often talks about the amount of time he’d spend looking for and researching the best colognes, as well as the amount of money he had to fork out to buy these colognes. 

He knew there must have been a better way, and it led to him starting Scent for Success. He had the idea of sending people 8mls of a different designer cologne every month, thus eliminating the amount of time and money spent on cologne, but continuing to allow people to have the high-end scents and the variety of fragrances.

Burkitt came up with the name “Scent for Success” after thinking about all the different levels that the name works on. First off, Scent for Success means it’s a fragrance (or “scent”) picked specifically to smell successful. Secondly, Scent for Success is a mail order subscription business, meaning the products are “sent” to make someone smell successful every month. Finally, the target audience is people who are and or aspire to be successful meaning they have been “sent for success”.

Scent For Success

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